Cleaning Carpet and Pressure Washing FAQs

Do you wash roofs?


Do you use bleach for pressure washing?


Do you use high or low pressure for cleaning home exterior?

Low pressure

Will my landscaping be safe with low pressure exterior home cleaning?


Do the items from decks, patios, and porches need to be removed prior to the day of the job?


How long does it take the carpet to dry?

It depends on the temperature and air flow inside of the home, but it can be 4-8 hours.

Is the process the same for cleaning upholstery and carpet?

No, the tools, solution and method are different.

Should I move the furniture for carpet cleaning?

Expose as much carpet as you can without moving the big furniture.

Should I vacuum before carpet cleaning is performed?


Is the deodorizer and/or protector included to clean carpet and upholstery?

No, they are each an additional price.